About Me

You may wonder what I have that qualifies me to coach you?

Here’s my story...

There was a knock at the door. I knew who it was, He had already visited twice. My heart started racing and I knew what was coming.

So I picked up my keys and handed them straight to the rather aggressive looking man that had just knocked on my door.

It was a bailiff. He had come to take my car away. I handed the keys over, a towaway lorry  immediately reversed in to my drive, loaded the car on and drove off. My favourite Peugeot 307 had gone. I had no car.

It was the lowest point of my life, and at the time I couldn’t see any way back.

I had been working over 80 hours in a week in the studio, desperately trying to make ends meet with a team of over 20 people but it was all too much. I had sacrificed everything and it had come to this.

The next thing to go after that was my beautiful first home. It got repossessed, and I had lost everything. I was truly devastated.

I totally thought that was the end of my 12 years as a photographer, and my dream of making it had slipped away and I should just get a real job.

I always manage to find a way through, as sitting on a park bench was never my thing!

But one thing struck me more than anything, being in a photography business was not only about clicks and flashes and creating nice images, its all about getting and keeping customers. It’s called a photography ‘business’ for a reason!

So my journey to properly and fully understand marketing began in ernest.

Then suddenly, in 2008, after coming home from shooting a big dental ball in Harrogate, my dad took ill and was rushed to hospital. Exactly one week later, he died.

Everything stopped. Again.

I vowed to look after my mum and two sisters. I started reading like crazy, books by revered marketing experts like Dan Kennedy, I followed industry leaders, I hired a business coach, I went on a 3 day Anthony Robbins course in London, Awaken the Giant within, which changed my life.

I had a huge shift.

Then I completely and fully committed to my success. NO looking back.

I finally understood that do be a successful photographer was more about the marketing of photography services than just being a photographer and that actually, less time behind the camera meant a more successful business.

So I battled, and grafted, and was determined to open my next studio.

I found an incredible space in Rodley, Leeds, and signed a lease and began again in 2010.  We build an amazing studio with multiple sets, an onsite production facility with wetlab, a cinema projection room, beautiful reception and client greeting area, graphics everywhere, it was the bomb!

I began to put my marketing knowledge to use more and more, and the business started growing quickly.

We were one of the first to run a deal on the daily deal site Groupon.  We sold over 680 vouchers within days and converted that in to nearly £250,000K of sales in under a year.

We soon become one of the leading independent portrait studios in the UK.

Nurseries also starting booking, schools were coming on board, events were flying in and things really started to take off.

Fast forward a few years, I know that with my marketing skills and expertise, I am able to generate clients at will, and it’s a very reassuring skill to have as you know you’ll never go short and always have a way to produce income and please clients.

Now I’m the proud dad of two beautiful boys, aged 7 and 4, Sam and Zach. After shooting family portraits for so many years I totally understand how powerful and meaningful great photography really is.

I’ve always wanted to help other photographers, as I am totally passionate about the industry , but see far too many obsessing over F stops and ISOs and lenses, and while all that is lovely, it doesn’t generate clients and will never pay the bills!

Photographers by nature are creative and curious, but sadly I see far too few applying solid marketing and business principles to help them and their businesses grow.

SO that’s why I started the 3K a Day Club. It’s for me to help photographers just like you and to give back, to make a difference and to see struggling and even modestly successful photographers really smash it out the park!

Ove the past nearly 25 years, I’ve honed and refined so much of  knowledge,  blood, sweat and tears in to proven formulas, blueprints and systems that you can use to help you get to where you want to go quicker.

All so you can enjoy more financial abundance and less struggle, while enjoying more free time to do what you love.

My last coach always taught me this. Bread and Butter, Growth Cash, Passion. In that order!

Photography is a beautiful artform, but not an easy industry to be financially successful in. that’s where Id love to help. Let’s help you live create financial freedom so you can step in to your passion.

To get started, just watch the free training below.


The 5 Secret Shifts Our Photographers are Using Right Now to Generate Thousands a Day and More